Top 4 High-Pressure Homogenizer Manufacturers for Your Business

High-pressure homogenizers play a vital role in various industries, such as food processing, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics. It’s the very reason why outsourcing these machines to reputable manufacturers and distributors is a must.

A high-pressure homogenizer from Ginhong
A high-pressure homogenizer from Ginhong

Image Source: Ginhong
High-pressure homogenizers are among the most reliable equipment for processing large quantities of immiscible liquids. They are also designed to disperse solid particles evenly throughout a liquid substance.

In application, high-pressure homogenization provides product stability, consistency, and uniformity. For food industries such as dairy manufacturing, homogenizers enable viscosity, improve shelf life, and enhance color and flavor. 

High-pressure homogenizers enable chemical, pharmaceutical, and food industries to create high-quality products. Hence, it is essential that you’ll get to know the best manufacturers of these industrial mixer homogenizers

List of the Best High-Pressure Homogenizer Manufacturers for Your Business

The following companies are the current world leaders when it comes to the construction and distribution of high-pressure homogenizers. They are the best source of these sophisticated industrial machines due to their overall experience and incorporated technologies.

  1. Ginhong
  2. Ross Mixers
  3. IKA

Top 4 High-Pressure Homogenizer Manufacturers for Your Business

The list below showcases the company profile of the manufacturers we indicated above. We recommend that you check them so that you’ll know which one will supply the best high-pressure homogenizers that could keep up with the demands of your company.

Manufacturer Location Certifications Notable Qualities
Ginhong 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
  • CE Mark
  • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive
  • 2014/35/EU Low Voltage Directive
  • Factory and production quality
  • Competitive pricing
  • High-end industrial mixers
Ross Mixers 710 Old Willets Path Hauppauge, New York 11788
  • Unspecified / No available information
  • Supplier of high-quality homogenizers
  • Experienced builders of industrial and processing products
  • Capable of providing machines in large quantities
IKA Janke-und-Kunkel-Straße 10, Staufen im Breisgau, Baden-Württemberg 79219, DE
  • ISO 13485
  • ISO 9001
  • GOST-Certificate C200, C2000, and C5000
  • ROTAVISC Test Report NIM
  • Certificate С 723 Kazakhstan
  • Reputable rapport in manufacturing industrial and laboratory equipment
  • Capitalizes on customized orders and specifications
  • Competitive pricing
SPX FLOW 13320 Ballantyne Corporate Place, Charlotte, North Carolina, US
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • ASME B30.1
  • ASME B40.1
  • CSA
  • CE Mark
  • NEMA
  • IJ100
  • Incorporates advanced designs and technologies on its products
  • Reputable customer service
  • Offer fast, timely shipping

1. Ginhong

Ginhong Logo
Ginhong Logo

Image Source: Ginhong

Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution
Main Markets: China, Global
Years of Experience: 16 years

Ginhong is a stellar manufacturer of high-quality industrial equipment. It has a wide array of homogenizers to choose from, ranging from vacuum homogenizer mixers to high shear homogenizers. With over sixteen years of experience in the industry, Ginhong dedicated itself to developing high-quality products and veered away from quantity-oriented pursuits. 

Because of this, Ginhong is able to compete with some of the biggest companies for industrial mixers and homogenizers for cosmetics. Each year, the company expands its technologies and facilities, ensuring that it can meet the demands of its clients from all over the world. 

Key Products

  • Mixing tanks and vessels
  • Vacuum emulsifier homogenizers
  • High shear mixers
  • Multi shaft mixers
  • Planetary mixers
  • Sanity pumps
  • Auxiliary machines
  • Storage tanks

    2. Ross Mixers

    Ross Mixers logo
    Ross Mixers logo

    Image Source: Ross Mixers

    Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution
    Main Markets: United States, China, Global
    Years of Experience: Over 180 years

    Ross Mixers is perhaps the world’s oldest manufacturer of industrial equipment and supplies. It was founded in 1842, and until now, it is being managed by the Ross family. This manufacturer always aims to provide customer satisfaction. Hence, its drying, mixing, dispersion, and blending equipment are available for customized orders. Regardless of the nature of your business, Ross can cater to your requirements.

    The output of Ross Mixers enables it to accommodate varying clients, including large businesses in the field of pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and production. Its homogenizers are designed with state-of-the-art technologies and modern engineering. As a result, its products offer guaranteed consistency, reliability, and safety in operation. Furthermore, Ross Mixers cater to international demands.

    Key Products

    • Blending equipment
    • Mixing equipment
    • Custom fabrication
    • Drying equipment
    • Pressure vessels
    • Storage tanks and reactors
    • Control systems

      3. IKA (IKA High Pressure Homogenizers)

      IKA logo
      IKA logo

      Image Source: IKA

      Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution
      Main Markets: United States, China, Global
      Years of Experience: Over 180 years

      IKA is another reputable manufacturer of industrial equipment for processing, homogenizing, and mixing. It started a little later than Ross, specifically in 1910. Currently, it is serving on four continents, enabling it to supply the needs of small and large businesses. At the same time, IKA has a history of providing machinery and facilities to known companies, such as Procter & Gamble.

      Aside from industrial apparatus and devices, IKA also specializes in the development of high-end laboratory tools. When it comes to homogenizers, IKA is also regarded as a top supplier. Its homogenizers are known for their efficiency and safety in performance. Depending on their specifications, these machines can simultaneously process large quantities of liquids or similar substances.

      Key Products

      • Processing equipment
      • Laboratory equipment
      • Industrial tools and equipment
      • Magnetic stirrers
      • Rotary evaporators
      • Homogenizers

        4. SPX FLOW

        SPX FLOW logo
        SPX FLOW logo

        Image Source: SPX FLOW

        Business Type: Manufacturing and distribution
        Main Markets: United States, Global
        Years of Experience: 7 years

        SPX FLOW is relatively new in the field of manufacturing industrial mixers and homogenizers. However, it has been able to produce remarkable products and high-value equipment for nutrition, industrial, and health business worldwide. It takes pride in its extensive line of homogenizers that are extremely beneficial for companies that are currently engaged in pharmaceutical, chemical processing, and dairy processing.

        SPX FLOW is already serving international clients from all the continents in the world. It offers timely deliveries and prompt customer service, enabling it to satisfy varying orders. Furthermore, SPX FLOW solidifies its position in the market by employing almost 10,000 employees all over the world. It is an assurance that it has sufficient technical and resource capabilities to meet high demands.

        Key Products

        • Homogenizers
        • Sepators
        • Mixers
        • Dryers
        • Ultra-high temperature systems
        • Hydraulic technology
        • High force tools

          Our Top Pick for the Top High-Pressure Homogenizer Manufacturers

          Among the manufacturers here, Ginhong offers the best solutions for businesses with high-pressure homogenizers. From the quality of its homogenizers and equipment down to its 24/7 customer service, Ginhong is definitely a one-stop shop for companies with an extensive requirement for professional-grade industrial equipment and machinery.

          There are other manufacturers where you can outsource high-pressure homogenizers. You are free to check them. But before you do, you have to check the deals of Ginhong first.


          High-pressure homogenizers are vital in producing consistent, stable, and uniform products. Many businesses could benefit from them, especially those that are engaged in pharmaceuticals, food processing, cosmetics, and laboratory fields.

          Ginhong offers customized and standard high-pressure homogenizers for businesses. We can accommodate your requests, regardless of your desired specifications and demands. Visit our page and get a free quotation from us! 

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