Best Vacuum Tank Manufacturers in Canada For Your Company

Find the best vacuum tank manufacturers in Canada for your company’s needs from our comprehensive guide featuring the top pros in the industry.

Portable Double Walled Vacuum Tank
Portable Double Walled Vacuum Tank

Image Source: Flickr

Vacuum tanks are a vital piece of equipment for many Canadian businesses, from agricultural operations to industrial processes. However, finding Canada’s best vacuum tank manufacturer to meet your specific requirements can be a challenge.
To help you decide which vacuum tank manufacturer is right for your company, this blog provides an overview of the top vacuum tank manufacturers in Canada. We’ve also included some key features to look for when choosing a manufacturer for your company.
Read on to learn more about Canada’s best vacuum tank manufacturers and how you can ensure you make the best option for your any size of business.

List of Vacuum Tank Manufacturers Canada

  2. Westech
  3. Ideal Vac Fabrication
  4. Wabash Mfg. Inc.
  5. SmithVac

Features of a Premium Vacuum Tank Manufacturer

Vacuum tank at a space laboratory
Vacuum tank at a space laboratory

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We’ll review some of the features that set the best products apart from the competition and explain how to ensure the quality of every product produced.

Comprehensive Design Services

A premium vacuum tank manufacturer should provide a comprehensive suite of services to meet customers’ requirements. This includes design and engineering services to ensure that the custom tanks are designed to fit with the specific application or industry standards. They should also be able to fabricate the components, weld them together to create the tanks, test for quality assurance, and deliver them when required.
The range of services offered by the premium vacuum tank manufacturers should enable them to provide customers with custom-made tanks tailored specifically to their needs. In addition, they should be able to offer advice on how to further optimize the use of these tanks in both existing and new applications.

High-Quality Materials

A top-tier manufacturer will only use the highest quality stainless steel, aluminum, or other materials when making any product. Using these materials ensures that the product has high durability and performance over a longer period. In addition, this helps to keep customers safe from any potentially harmful defects, such as corrosion or rusting, that could occur from lower-quality materials being used.
The manufacturer will ensure that all components use the same high standards to fit together correctly and hold up over time. Using the best materials, a top-tier manufacturer can guarantee that their products are of the highest quality and provide peace of mind.

Precision Construction

The best manufacturers should use highly accurate and specific processes to guarantee that each tank they make meets the customer’s exact requirements. This means welding and machining must be done with extreme precision so that all of the parts fit together perfectly and there are no gaps or openings that would allow liquids or gases to escape. The goal is to have a tight seal, so the tank can contain whatever it is designed to hold and secure over time.

Comprehensive Testing Certification

Testing should include tensile tests, hydrostatic tests, and other applicable tests, such as environmental durability testing. This ensures that the tank is made of materials designed to withstand the pressures of its intended use and can safely hold whatever liquid is stored inside.
Additionally, manufacturers should be able to provide information on the safety features of their tanks to ensure they meet all safety standards.

Best Vacuum Tank Manufacturers Canada

Find the best Canadian companies that make vacuum tanks that fit your needs. The companies on our list have the best products and customer service.


HASSCO Company Logo
HASSCO Company Logo

Image Source: HASSCO Website

Business Type: Manufacturing Company
Headquarters: Ashland Ave., London, Ontario, Canada
Years of Experience: 70 years
Certifications: ISO 9001
HASSCO Industries Inc. is a comprehensive source for ULC and Transport Canada-authorized steel-based fuel storage tanks. The company offers a range of storage solutions that ensure the secure containment of chemicals and petroleum products.
HASSCO provides an array of fuel tank capacities in double and single-wall constructions.
The company offers secondary containment units for existing single-wall tanks that effectively elevate them to secondary containment status.
HASSCO is the first major tank manufacturer in Ontario to produce CGSB/Transport Canada-approved portable tanks. All of their mobile IBCs are Transport Canada/CGSB authorized and are built to withstand the challenges of on and off-road transportation of fuel.

Key Products/Services

    2. Westech Vac Systems

    Westech Company Logo
    Westech Company Logo

    Image Source: Westech Vac Website

    Business Type: Manufacturing Company
    Headquarters: 1002 15 Ave, Nisku, Alberta, T9E 7S5, Canada
    Years of Experience: 30 years
    Westech Vac Systems is a premier Canadian manufacturer of portable vacuum tanks and has earned a distinguished position as one of the largest in the industry. With almost three decades of experience, the company has consistently prioritized meeting its customers’ requirements and has implemented innovative measures to enhance its product offerings.
    In addition, the company boasts a team of professionals with extensive expertise and industry knowledge, providing exceptional support and guidance to its clientele.
    Westech Vac Systems’ portfolio comprises a diverse range of portable vacuum tanks that cater to the needs of various industries. The company’s products include hydro vacs, industrial vacuum trucks, combination, water, and custom-built vacuum units.
    Their hydro vacs offer superior performance in excavation and trenching, while their industrial vacuum trucks are ideal for cleaning up hazardous materials, sludge, and other waste materials. The combination units can perform excavation and cleaning tasks, making them an efficient and versatile solution.

    Key Products/Services

    • Stock Units
    • Trailer Vac
    • Code Hydrovac
    • Combination
    • Jackal LVT/ Straight Vac

      3. Ideal Vac Fabrication

      Ideal Vac Fabrication Company Logo
      Ideal Vac Fabrication Company Logo

      Image Source: Ideal Vac Fabrication

      Business Type: Fabrication Company
      Headquarters: Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada
      Years of Experience: 8 years
      Certifications: ISN
      Ideal Vac Fabrication is a leading provider of comprehensive inspection services for oilfield companies. With a team of expert professionals, the company offers round-the-clock mobile B620 Tank Inspections and Testing on Fuel, Vacuum, Tank, and Truck/Trailers. Ideal Vac Fabrication is based in Sherwood Park, Alberta, and caters to customers across Canada and NWT.
      The company’s services also include repairing and maintaining tanks, valves, and replacement parts, ensuring that all equipment is in top condition and meets industry standards.
      Ideal Vac Fabrication prides itself on providing prompt and efficient service, with a team available to conduct inspections and testing at any time, including weekends. As a result, customers can rely on Ideal Vac Fabrication to work around their schedule without rearranging their company’s operations.

      Key Products/Services

      • Vacuum Trucks, Fuel Trucks, and Trailers
      • Pressure Truck
      • Single Wall TC 406 Generator Fuel Tank
      • Mobile B620
      • Thickness Testing

        3. Wabash Mfg. Inc.

        Wabash Company Logo
        Wabash Company Logo

        Image Source: Wabash MFG INC website

        Business Type: FabricationCompany
        Headquarters: 9312-110A Street, Westlock, Alberta
        Years of Experience: 42 years
        Certifications: CSA, ISO 9001:2015, ASME U Certification, CWB CSA – W47.1 W47.2
        Wabash Mfg. Inc. is a premier Canadian manufacturer of mobile fuel, vacuum tanks, and lubrication equipment designed specifically for open-pit mining. The company has been providing innovative solutions to mining and oilfield challenges through custom-designed products since its inception in 1981.
        Wabash Mfg. Inc. has built a strong reputation for delivering high-quality solutions, including fuel transport trucks, mobile lunch trucks, custom oilfield equipment, and other articulated mining equipment.
        The company’s experienced team of professionals, state-of-the-art facilities, and cutting-edge technology enable them to create and innovate to meet each customer’s unique needs. Wabash Mfg. Inc. is committed to providing a positive purchasing experience, from concept to commission. They offer professional engineering and drafting services, custom manufacturing, and fuel and lube trucks.

        Key Products/Services

        • Service and Repair
        • Fiberglass Tanks
        • Aluminum Tanks
        • Stainless and mild steel Truck tanks
        • Water Truck
        • Pressure Trucks

          4. SmithVac

          Smith Vac Comapny logo
          Smith Vac Comapny logo

          Image Source: Smith Vac Website

          Business Type: Manufacturing Company
          Headquarters: 800 47th Street East, Saskatoon, SK
          Years of Experience: 35 years
          Smith Industries Ltd. is a highly respected and well-established family-owned and operated business manufacturing top-of-the-line truck-mounted vacuum equipment for over 30 years. The company has become one of Canada’s leading manufacturers of cutting-edge hydro vacs, premium vacuum equipment, and customized municipal, industrial, and agricultural waste management products.
          Drawing on their decades of experience, Smith Industries Ltd. has developed innovative, state-of-the-art hydro vacs designed to be user-friendly and withstand harsh Canadian winters. The company’s commitment to excellence has earned them a solid reputation in the industry.
          Now in its second generation of leadership, Smith Industries Ltd. remains true to the values that built the company. The team takes great pride in producing high-quality products, maintaining strong customer relationships, and working hard to innovate and push possible boundaries.

          Key Products/Services

          • HydroVacs
          • Vacuum Trucks
          • Combo Units
          • Septic
          • Trailer Vac
          • Water Tankers
          • Custom Units
          • Slide in Units

            Vacuum Tank Manufacturers in China

            Looking for an alternative for Canadian producers of vacuum tanks? Look no further than China, where an increasing number of businesses are establishing themselves as leading competitors in the field. Ginhong Mixer is one such business that specializes in creating vacuum tanks for a variety of uses.


            Ginhong Company Logo
            Ginhong Company Logo

            Image Source: Ginhong Website

            Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
            Headquarters: Jiangsu, China
            Main Markets: Global
            Years founded: 2002
            Certificates/Awards: CE certificate
            Ginhong Mixer is a well-established and renowned stainless steel mixing tank manufacturer based in China, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. Initially focused on industrial mixers and blenders, the company has since expanded its product line to include vacuum emulsifier homogenizers, planetary mixers, and laboratory mixers, among other industrial machineries.
            With an unwavering commitment to providing high-quality products and services that meet its clients’ current and future needs, Ginhong Mixer has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. Its extensive product line caters to various sectors, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.
            Ginhong Mixer prioritizes delivering the best stainless steel tanks at competitive prices to ensure customer satisfaction. The company’s extensive knowledge, expertise, and steadfast dedication to its clients have earned it a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy brand, setting it apart from competitors in the industry.

            Key Products/Services


            Steel Vacuum Tank
            Steel Vacuum Tank

            Image Source: Picryl

            The list of best vacuum tank manufacturers in Canada for your company should be the ideal starting point when looking for a reliable partner to meet your needs. With a wide selection of reputable companies offering superior products and services, you can easily find the perfect vendor to suit your technical requirements and budget constraints. Ultimately, you will be able to ensure that your business is equipped with top-of-the-line vacuum tanks that will ensure efficiency and longevity.
            Learn more about our other services by checking these blogs:

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