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3 Leading Grain Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Be knowledgeable of the top grain processing equipment manufacturers which can help you boost your business brand awareness through their unique and reliable services.

Family Workshop Flour Milling Plant
Family Workshop Flour Milling Plant

Image Source: Pingle Machine
Farming tools such as grain processing equipment is important to farmers, engineers and technicians for this could make their life easier. For businessmen, equipment are widely used to provide processed grains and to protect them from any harmful aspects that can lead to a negative impact of their business.

Through their empowered and highly skilled workers, soil can be nurtured at once and crop rotations are being observed. Aside from Ginhong, a global manufacturer, we would like to support the claim that grain equipment is a necessity as you read on. 

List of the Best Grain Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Below are the listed best grain processing equipment manufacturers. Since they all have their own uniqueness, additional services and products, we would like you to go through these three manufacturers to have a grasp on their uses and operations.

  1. Alvan Blanch
  2. Osaw Agro Industries
  3. Pingle Machine

3 Leading Grain Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Below are the listed top-grain processing equipment manufacturers and suppliers for your own reference. In case you are planning to franchise their business or maybe get some equipment, they are probably the best choices because of their awards, certificates, and undeniably outstanding reputation.

1. Alvan Blanch

Alvan Blanch Logo
Alvan Blanch Logo

Image Source: Alvan Blanch

Business Type: Grain Equipment Manufacturer, Supplier
Headquarters: Chelworth, Malmesbury, Wiltshire SN16 9SG, United Kingdom
Main Markets: UK, Africa, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Canada, and USA
Years of Experience: 70 years
Certificates: Queen’s Award, CE

Alvan Blanch is composed of British manufacturers. The company name itself, Alvan Blanch was derived from the founder’s name whose name is Alvan B. Blanch. What inspired him to start this grain processing manufacturing company is his job and passion for agriculture. He is very smart to the extent that he was able to develop his first grain drier. Alvan Blanch was developed to create innovative products to meet challenging agricultural needs. 

Alvan Blanch seriously is hiring engineers that are highly knowledgeable and has outstanding experience for they need to specialize in designing, installation of high-standard machines, and their production. Due to the high demand for their products, they have been receiving the “Queen’s Award” for three consecutive years and now continuously expanding. 

What’s good here is that they are very environmentally friendly because they are recycling waste materials and transforming them into more useful ones while keeping their mission of servicing high-quality products to customers at the forefront of their business.

Key Products:

  • Grain Dryers
  • Biomass and Waste Dryers
  • Hemp Dryers
  • Seaweed Dryers
  • Nut Dryers
  • High-Grade Cleaning Mills
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2. Osaw Agro Industries

Agro Saw Logo
Agro Saw Logo

Image Source: Agro Saw

Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, Installer, Commissioner
Headquarters: Post Box No. 5, Jagadhri Road, Pooja Vihar, Ambala – 133001, Haryana, India
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 38 years
Certificates: CE

Agrosaw was established in 1984. They specialize in supplying and manufacturing grading, cleaning, and handling different products such as fruits, vegetables, grains, seeds, oilseeds, pulses, and many more.

Also, because of their outrageous performance, they have won the hearts of many and have gained tons of business clients globally. Not only do they have outstanding products and services, but they also have brilliant and well-trained technicians, engineers, and professionals that are working in their chosen necessary fields.

To help with the production and cater to the uncountable demands of their clients, Agrosaw has manufacturing facilities and advanced technologies. They mainly use optimum utilization of readily available resources to ensure that bulk products can be fabricated in an efficient and immediate manner. 

Agrosaw also ensures that everything will be of high quality while assuring that every product is open for improvements. Their products are not only made with their own materials but were sourced from international distributors and suppliers to ensure a smooth manufacturing process. Rest assured that every product is going through management and quality check to avoid any defects and damages.

Key Products:

  • Seed Grader
  • Fine Cleaners
  • Grain Storage Silos
  • Mash Feed Mill
  • Specific Gravity Separators
  • Indented Cylinder Graders
  • High-Quality Destoners
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3. Pingle Machine

Pingle Group Logo
Pingle Group Logo

Image Source: Pingle Group

Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, Commissioner, Designer, Installer
Headquarters: Xipingle, Zhengding County, Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province, P.R. China
Main Markets: China, Russia, Britain, Egypt, Ethiopia, Brazil, Tajikstan, and India
Years of Experience: 31 years
Certificates: CECG, ZBCC, IBCC, BBCC, CI, CE, AEO, ISO9001

In 1991, Pingle Group was established and from there they started to design, produce, and install grain machinery and equipment. Because of the people’s demands for their products and services, they began building silos, and steel structures. Their company is empowered with scientifically integrated solutions to further suffice the needs of their clients.

To further improve its services, the company has hired overall 85 technicians and engineers and is now establishing an innovative design system with multi-dimensional integration. And with this being said, they already have 160 licensed patents.

Moreover, a client’s worries will easily fade away because Pingle values creativity and quality when it comes to their products. All their products will undergo a series of management and operational checking. No need to go further to reach them, they are just one call away and every product will be delivered to your doorstep.

Key Products:

  • Wheat Flour Milling Plant
  • Maize Flour Milling Plant
  • High-Grade Single Machines
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Top Grain Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China

Ginhong is the best grain processing manufacturer not only in China but globally. Because of its performance and well-equipped technicians and engineers, they are able to meet the company quota, guidelines and customer’s needs. Read on to know more about Ginhong.


Ginhong Logo
Ginhong Logo

Image Source: Ginhong

Business Type: Ink Mixer Manufacturer and Design, Supplier
Headquarters: 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 20 years
Certificates: CE, ECM

It was 2002 when Ginhong was first discovered. Their company has specialized in different machines and mixers that are concerned with ink, paint, and grain processing. Focusing on grain processing equipment, Ginhong was able to gain agricultural clients globally. From there, they have gained tons of positive reviews and now they are still expanding and continuously serving customers to the best of their abilities.

Also, they have hired empowered engineers and technicians that undergo training which made them more committed to their jobs. Truly, Ginhong is not only a company that caters to mixers, equipment, and machines but also a company filled with high-quality employees that can beat any competitors and shine brightly in their own ways.

Key Products:

  • Industrial Vacuum Mixers
  • Emulsifying Machines
  • High Shear Mixers
  • Multi-Shaft Mixers
  • High-Grade Industrial Blenders
  • Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizers
  • Planetary Mixers
  • Mixing Tanks and Vessels
  • Lab Mixers
  • Auxiliary Machines
  • Sanitary Pumps
  • Storage Tanks
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Grains are profound in the human body because of the nutrients which we can get. But if you are to ask about its manufacturers, rest assured that everything is of a high standard because of the advanced technologies and the processes that they implement to ensure everything will fall into place.

If you are the type of person or if you have a business that is in need of grain processing equipment manufacturers, you need not go further because we have above-the-top manufacturers to ease your search.

Reach out to Ginhong today if you want to know more efficient equipment for your business!

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