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3 Major Honey Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the Global Market

Work with these honey processing equipment suppliers and manufacturers that will surely make your business pave its way to success in no time!

Mixing With Preheating, Filtering, and Thickening Machine
Mixing With Preheating, Filtering, and Thickening Machine

Image Source: Bees Equipment

Since honey bees pollinate our plants, honey processing equipment has been one of the high technologies that this world has also contributed to biodiversity. It results in protecting the bee population which is essential to the environment.

Honey processing equipment manufacturers do everything to keep the honey well-manufactured and well-packed to make sure that every supply will be very much presentable to the clients. They ensure that their brand is well-known for quality around the world.

Aside from Ginhong, a top China-based processing equipment manufacturer, we are about to introduce you to top honey processing equipment manufacturers which we believe are necessary for growing your business. Keep reading to learn more about them in detail.    

List of the Top Honey Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Below is the complete rundown of the honey processing equipment manufacturers which you can find in the international market. We have considered several factors such as search results, their acquired certificates, and their products and services. You can click on the manufacturer that you would like to know to learn more about them.

  • Bees Equipment
  • Heritage
  • AB Engineers

3 Major Honey Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the Global Market

Read below to learn more about the products and services that these honey processing equipment manufacturers are offering and see if they can fit into supplying, distributing, and being one of your partnered manufacturers.

1. Bees Equipment

Bees Equipment logo
Bees Equipment logo

Image Source: Bees Equipment

Business Type: Distributor, Manufacturer, Supplier
Headquarters: 11th Floor, Block B, Building 16, University Science Park, Qinling Road, Zhongyuan District, Zhengzhou City, China
Main Markets: North America, Europe, Australia, Africa, Middle East, and Southeast Asia.
Years of Experience: 19 years

Bees Equipment was founded in 2003 and has embarked on an outstanding journey in processing honey nationwide due to its vision: “Providing the best solution to make beekeeping simple and easy”. They are one of the leading solution providers which specialize in cross-border e-commerce trading, machinery R&D and manufacturing, and beekeeping equipment. 

They provide a broad range of products such as queen bees, beekeeping supplies, and consultation services with regard to apiculture development. They make sure that the mixing process is well hygienic and extremely safe for everyone. Because of their dedication to the market, they already have expanded and have 5 factories around the world, huge thanks to 160 staff that has been so passionate about their jobs. 

Key Products:

  • Honey Extractor
  • Plastic Tools & Hardware
  • Wooden War
  • Bee Pollen
  • Beekeeping Machinery
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2. Heritage

Heritage logo
Heritage logo

Image Source: Heritage

Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
Headquarters: 9000 Heritage Dr. Plain City, OH 43064
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 35 years

Heritage Family Group of Companies was founded in 1987 and from their speedy expansion their specialization has become reputable. They have mastered the act of inventory wherein they have maintained the largest on-site stock of both used and new processing equipment for the brewery, dairy, food, distillery, and related industries globally.

Simply, having stocks that are available for customers has taught them to become a well-serviced manufacturer. However, there are instances where they have to consider the factory’s long lead times, logistical inefficiencies, and high-cost transportation.

Because of their sauce making machine mixers to make the honey more delicious, their popularity have increased. Also, Heritage’s ability to promptly respond to queries and industrial needs and deliver their goods in a fast manner has made them popular in businesses in a way that they were able to get clients easily. 

Key Products:

  • Centrifugals and Industrial Pumps
  • Chees, Butter, and Ice Cream Equipment
  • Refrigeration Equipment
  • Blenders and Liquiefiers
  • Homogenizers and Separators 
  • Heat Exchanger Equipment
  • Filling and Packaging Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
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3. AB Engineers

AB Engineers Logo
AB Engineers Logo

Image Source: AB Engineers

Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter
Headquarters: Plot No 9, Jugiana Phatak, Opp Police Chowki, Focal Point, Ludhiana- 141003, Punjab, India
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 12 years

AB Engineers has a high-tech infrastructural base, competitive prices, highly experienced professionals, timely delivery, and transparent deals and services. With these being said, they are one of the best choices if you want something to spice up your business.

AB Engineers are composed of 11-25 highly skilled and knowledgeable engineers and technicians combined to make sure that clients are served well. Their main secret is maintaining proper hygiene through their processes and food products which largely contributes to clients’ requirements.

Every food-grade machinery is well-known for its excellent performance, low maintenance cost, and long service life. Engineers are running quality checks to make sure that every piece of machinery is working well and can suit the needs of the business that they have partnered with.

Key Products:

  • Honey Processing Plant
  • Honey Filling Machine
  • Honey Processing Machine
  • Bottle Filling Machine
  • Induction Sealing Machine
  • Ladoo Making Machine
  • Automatic Ladoo Making
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Leading Honey Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China

Here is the most popular and outstanding manufacturer, supplier, designer, and exporter of tons of products and services. Ginhong being in the operation can surely pour dedicated employees into their partnered businesses. If you are curious and want to know more, you can check out the information written below.


Image Source: Ginhong
Alt-Text: Ginhong Logo

Business Type: Honey Processing Equipment Designer, Supplier, Manufacturer, Installer, Exporter, Distributor
Headquarters: 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 20 years
Certificates: CE, ECM

It was 2002 when Ginhong was founded. Since then, they have been specializing in different necessary machines, equipment, and mixers which are essential in processing grains, seeds, paints, cosmetics, inks, honey, and more. Because of its outstanding performance in the global market and high-tech technologies, they have been capturing great business deals for years.

The secret behind their excellent services is dedicated and skilled engineers and technicians which are ready to take on new challenges in any way possible. Their mixing and processing solutions include a thorough analysis and processes that are very detailed to meet the customer’s needs.

So, if you think that your business could use a manufacturer which is very flexible and that can give you tons of versatile types of machinery and processing equipment, you must consider Ginhong.

Key Products:

  • Industrial Vacuum Mixers
  • Emulsifying Machines
  • High Shear Mixers
  • Multi-Shaft Mixers
  • High-Grade Industrial Blenders
  • Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizers
  • Planetary Mixers
  • Mixing Tanks and Vessels
  • Lab Mixers
  • Auxiliary Machines
  • Sanitary Pumps
  • Storage Tanks
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Honey processing equipment is needed to provide processed honey. Thus, finding the right supplier of quality equipment will help your business be known for good quality. Reliability is the best feature you must look for in searching for the best manufacturer.

Ensure they comply with high standards if you have a business that manufactures and exports products globally. You can also check out deodorant making machine mixers and equipment that Ginhong is providing too. 

Are you looking for a dependable honey processing equipment manufacturer in China? Contact Ginhong for your inquiries and get a free quote today.

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