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3 Top-rated Dairy Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the World

Ready to source a trustworthy and reliable dairy processing equipment manufacturer for your brand? This article is written to address your concerns. Here are the top-rated dairy processing equipment manufacturers and suppliers with global influence across the nations.

Dairy processing equipment
Dairy processing equipment

Image Source: ViscoMixer

Dairy processing equipment is in high demand today. It has significantly increased over the decades, especially in developing economies, due to increased population, modernization, and the high rate of dairy processing companies in the industry.

Manufacturers are beginning to leverage efficient technologies to produce machinery of high-quality output, leading to the consistent growth in the dairy processing equipment market. That’s why you’re here, to learn about the top-rated manufacturers with global impact.

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List of the Dairy Processing Equipment Manufacturers 

In a hurry? The manufacturers are listed below for a glance;

  1. Krones AG
  2. SiccaDania
  3. SPX Flow Inc.

3 Top-Rated Dairy Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the World

The manufacturers and suppliers discussed here are key players in the dairy processing industry. They have been selected based on years of experience in the field and a proven track record of manufacturing equipment of high-quality standard and output. These companies value their clients and tailor every design to meet customers’ needs and preferences.

  1. Krones AG

Krones AG company logo
Krones AG company logo

Image Source: Krones

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
Headquarters: Neutraubling, Germany
Year founded: 1951

Krones AG was founded in 1951 to design and implement complete lines for food and beverage industries, covering individual-specific production processing steps. The organization plans, designs, and manufactures equipment for a complete line in the process, filling, and packaging technology field.

With its headquarter located in Neutraubling, Germany, it overseas other manufacturing sites in Europe, Africa, North America, the Middle East, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific, from where it reaches out to dairy processing industries across the globe. The enterprise also supplies a complete system to breweries worldwide with their specific requirements.

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Key Products/Services

  1. SiccaDania

SiccaDania company logo
SiccaDania company logo

Image Source: SiccaDania

Business Type: Manufacturer
Headquarters: Denmark
Year founded: 2014

SiccaDania was established in 2014 by a group of engineers with comprehensive experience in the drying and evaporating industries. Though young at heart, SiccaDania identifies itself based on its employees and management’s vast knowledge in the industry to create the solutions clients seek.

The organization started with not more than 10 people but today boasts of its global footprints with a presence in Germany, France, Poland, China, Singapore, Brazil, The Netherlands, and Canada, having over 400 employees.

The company seeks to make food processing better – safer, healthy, and sustainable. The vision of the business is to become a global leader in the industry by establishing a solid presence and being the choice of its customers.

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Key Products

  1. SPX Flow Inc.

SPXFlow company logo
SPXFlow company logo

Image Source: SPX Flow

Business Type: Manufacturer
Headquarters: Charlotte, N.C, United States
Year founded: 2015
Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001

SPX Flow was founded in 1912 as the Piston Ring Company in Muskegon, Mi, and has evolved over the years. In 2015, it was separated into two public companies, and in April 2022, SPX Flow became a private company. The organization’s headquarter is situated in Charlotte, N.C., with operation in more than 30 countries and marketing in more than 140 nations worldwide.

SPX Flow is concerned with designing, manufacturing, and supplying engineering products and services. The organization’s food and beverage sector provide processing equipment and solutions through its subsidiaries – BRAN + LUEBBE GmbH, Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Limited, SPX Netherlands B.V, SPX Flow Technology SAS, etc.

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Key Products 

  • Air & Gas Treatment
  • Homogenizers
  • Analyzers
  • Heating Products
  • Centrifuges
  • Butter Equipment
  • Dryers – Nutrition and Health
  • Crystallization Equipment

Top-Rated Dairy Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China

This section covers the top-rated diary processing equipment manufacturer in China, having considered the top-rated across the globe. Ginhong Mixer is our leading brand in China. Let’s learn more about the company.


Ginhong company logo
Ginhong company logo

Image Source: Ginhong

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
Headquarters: Jiangsu, China
Main Markets: Global
Years founded: 2002
Certificates/Awards: CE certificate

Ginhong Mixer is a leading brand in dairy processing equipment manufacturer in China. It started its operation more than 15 years ago as an industrial mixer and blender factory and provided solutions for clients in various industries. As a leader, Ginhong offers a wide range of industrial machinery, which include vacuum emulsifier homogenizer, planetary mixer, laboratory mixers, etc.

Ginhong’s knowledge, expertise, and commitment provide high-quality products and services to meet clients’ needs today and in the future. Its products apply to the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical, and chemical industries. For 100%  customer satisfaction, Ginhong Mixer gives more attention to offering the best mixers at a competitive cost.

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Key Products

  • Laboratory Mixers
  • Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizer
  • High Shear Mixer
  • Planetary Mixer
  • Multi-shaft Mixer
  • Mixing Tanks & Vessels


Having been aware of the 3 top-rated dairy processing equipment manufacturers worldwide, we hope this information helps you make an informed decision for your brand, so you don’t miss out on what’s best for your business.

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