4 Global Seafood Processing Equipment Manufacturers

Looking to source the best and most trusted seafood processing equipment manufacturers for your business? Let this article guide you! This blog details the top global leading manufacturers and suppliers your company needs.

Seafood processing equipment
Seafood processing equipment

Image Source: RZPO

According to statistics, the seafood processing equipment market attained a value of $2,261.7 million in 2018, and it’s estimated to reach $3,478.6 million by 2026, with the Asia-Pacific region accounting for a more significant percentage of the increase in 2018. Going by this figure, the seafood processing equipment market is experiencing massive growth globally. Hence, the need for processors to increase production.

However, manufacturing seafood processing equipment requires attention to detail to deliver high-quality products that avoid seafood contamination during processing. This article exposes you to the top and best seafood processing equipment manufacturers with global relevance.

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List of the Global Leading Seafood Processing Equipment Manufacturers

In a hurry? Have a glance at the 4 leading brands in the world:

  1. Marbys Logical Food Process S.L
  2. Franklin Miller Inc.
  3. Charlottetown Metal Products Limited (CMP)
  4. Coldcraft Engineering

Top Seafood Processing Equipment Manufacturers Globally

Here is a list of the 4 leading seafood processing equipment manufacturers with global relevance and outstanding results. These brands tailor every design process to suit your requirements and preference, having in-depth experience and knowledge in the industry without compromising the standard.

  1. Marbys Logical Food Process S.L

Marbys Logical company logo
Marbys Logical company logo

Image Source: Marbys Logical

Business Type: Manufacturer
Headquarters: Castelbisbal, Spain
Years of Experience: Over 32 years of experience
Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001

Marbys Logical Food Process S.L is a technological company with extensive knowledge in the formulation and manufacturing of additives and modern aids for alimentary industrial use, primarily for seafood products and aquaculture purposes. The group comprises professionals with over 32 years of experience in the additive field.

Over the decades, Marbys has expanded technology by producing quality mixer equipment and providing solutions to the fishing and other food industries. It supplies more than 25 countries across the globe, partnering and building its presence worldwide. The organization has two processing plants in Spain with over 3,000 square meters of modern facilities with advanced systems, amounting to the production of 10000MT/year.

    Key Products

    • Moisture Retainers
    • Whitening and antioxidants agents
    • Food colorants for fishery products and other food sectors
    • Antimelanotics
    • Glazing agents and cryoprotectants
    1. Franklin Miller Inc. 

    Franklin Miller company logo
    Franklin Miller company logo

    Image Source: Franklin Miller

    Business Type: Manufacturer, Custom manufacturer
    Headquarters: Livingston, NJ, USA
    Years of Experience: Over 100 years

    Franklin Miller Inc. is a world-class leader with over 100 years of experience in size reduction technology, involving crushers, grinders, shredders, water waste treatment systems, etc. The company started its production of ice crushers in 1918 with Harold Galanty as its president. Under his watch, the company has progressed into chemical processing and other industrial size-reduction applications.

    Franklin Miler successfully attends to processing needs in the chemical, food, pharmaceutical, water treatment, minerals, and many other industries. Its experience provides processing solutions unique to solving customers’ complex processing problems.

      Key Products    

      • Grinders
      • Shredders
      • Crushers
      • Mills
      • Screens
      • Systems
      1. Charlottetown Metal Products Limited (CMP)

      CMP company logo
      CMP company logo

      Image Source: CMP

      Business Type: Manufacturer
      Headquarters: Milton, Canada
      Years of Experience: More than 60 years of experience

      Charlottetown Metal Products Limited (CMP) is sited on Prince Edward Island, Canada’s beautiful East coast. Its location is equally close to many food processing and growing centers. CMP Equipment was started in 1958 by a serial entrepreneur, Billy Rix. The organization is a perfect manufacturer of food mixture machines.

      The founder of the company, Billy, thought it a great idea to build a culture of like-minded people working diligently to solve processing equipment challenges for many food processing industries across the globe. CMP started its food processing more than 60 years ago in the seafood industry and has grown to serve meat & poultry, potato, bakery, fruits & vegetables, etc., over the years.

        Key Products

        • Chillers & Freezers
        • Hygienic Conveyors Solutions
        • Fluid Removal & Dewatering
        • Cookers & Pasteurizers
        • Mixers & Dosing
        1. Coldcraft Engineering

        Coldcraft Engineering company logo
        Coldcraft Engineering company logo

        Image Source: Coldcraft Engineering

        Business Type: Manufacturer
        Headquarters: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
        Years founded: 1990
        Certificates/Awards: ISO 9001

        Coldcraft Engineering was founded in 1990, has been in business for over 30 years, and has remained true to rapid development over the decades. The organization is a world-class manufacturer of Chip Ice, Flake Ice, Customized Ice Plant machines, e.t.c; for freshwater and seafood processing.

        As a family business, it has built trust and support for all products sold nationwide by focusing on meeting customers’ specific needs and expectations. The organization boasts of being the “best of the best” Australian and in partnership with companies that adhere to its strict code of compliance and Australian standards.

          Key Products

          • Water Chillers
          • Vacuum Cooling
          • Flake Ice Drums
          • Mobile Block Ice Machines
          • Ice Silos
          • Ice Compactor

          Top Leading Seafood Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China

          For the leading seafood processing equipment manufacturer in China, you’d  want to consider Ginhong. The business has been in the market for over 15 years and offers the best industrial mixer equipment and blender.


          Ginhong company logo
          Ginhong company logo

          Image Source: Ginhong Mixer

          Business Type: Manufacturer
          Headquarters: Jiangsu, China
          Main Markets: Global
          Years founded:  2002
          Certificates/Awards: CE certificates

          Ginhong Mixer is one of the best China-based industrial mixers and blender manufacturers, providing various solutions for clients in the industry. The company is a leading manufacturer of over 15 years with experience using advanced mixing technology to serve a variety of industries ranging from cosmetic, pharmaceutical, food, chemical industries, etc.

          Ginhong’s fundamental goal is to improve all aspects of everyday operation, providing the highest quality products that stand out from its competitors. Customers’ needs are duly met with their experience, knowledge, and commitment to products and services.

            Key Products

            • High Shear Mixers
            • Planetary Mixers
            • Laboratory Mixers
            • Vacuum Emulsifier Homogenizers
            • Multi-Shaft Mixers


            In conclusion, we have discussed the following brands – Marbys logical; Franklin Miller; CMP, and Coldcraft Engineering, which are the top largest seafood processing equipment manufacturers worldwide. We have also considered the best brand in China – Ginhong. Need further help in making a coincided decision? Visit our website, Ginhong Mixer, to learn more about us.

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