4 Largest Fish Processing Equipment Suppliers

If you’re searching for companies that are known suppliers of fish processing equipment, in this blog, we gathered the world’s 4 biggest names in the supply industry which have been proven to be respectable brands.

Ginhong YX Vacuum Mixing Tank
Ginhong YX Vacuum Mixing Tank

Image Source: Ginhong Mixer

Since the world has intense craving and obsession with fish and seafood, fish processing equipment is in constant demand. At times, even with the high risks of food poisoning these days, people don’t mind as long as they eat what they want. Thus, having dependable machines to safely produce your products is a must if you are starting a business that has fish as the main product.

In this article, we will introduce 4 of the topmost companies of fish processing equipment and industrial food blenders which some the world has known for a century. Check them out below!

List of Top 4 Largest Fish Processing Equipment Suppliers

Itemized below are the largest names of fish processing equipment suppliers that made it into our list. Some of which also specialize in industrial mixing and food mixture machines. These companies’ profiles are well-researched to assure their products’ reliability. You may click on their names to direct you to their sections on this blog.

  1. Coastline Equipment
  2. Carnitec
  3. Martak
  4. Optimar

4 Largest Fish Processing Equipment Suppliers
We read evaluations about these suppliers to learn more about their experience and standing in the fish processing equipment manufacturing industry. Continue reading to learn more about each of them and decide which best fits your criteria.

1. Coastline Equipment, Inc.

Coastline Equipment Logo
Coastline Equipment Logo

Image Source: Coastline Equipment Inc.

Business Type: OEM, Supplier
Headquarters: 2235 East Bakerview Rd Bellingham WA 98226
Years of Experience: More than 40 years
Certifications: CE, EAC, ISO 9001

Coastline was founded in 1973 as a provider for the marine industry only. It has began manufacturing for the fish processing industry as the demand for seafood escalated due to its fame as the leading producer of high quality metals. Eventually, it was formally named the Coastline Equipments Incorporated.

The company is fueled by engineers, fabricators, assemblers, and skilled operators. Through the years, Coastline Equipment’s market has been unsurprisingly easy as its clients do it for them. Started in South America, Coastline broadens its connections around the globe as they connect with countries on the remaining continents.

Coastline lives to its values that the way to a Project Success is for both parties to have the ability to provide their customers quality, craftsmanship, and service.

Key Products:

  • Fish size graders
  • Sanitary conveyors
  • Evaporative chillers
  • Sorting systems
  • Sinker and floater tanks
  • Pasteurizers

    2. Carnitec

    Carnitec Logo
    Carnitec Logo

    Image Source: Carnitec

    Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
    Headquarters: Ventspils iela 51 Riga, LV-1002, Latvia
    Years of Experience: 13 years
    Certifications: CE, EAC

    If you are into equipment of modern technology, Carnitec could be the partner for you. Composed of technologists and specialists that study the application of every aspect of technology, Carnitec never goes out of style.

    For over 10 years, this company has figured out all the strategies to stay on path with innovation. Its designs are assured to have been planned according to its clients’ needs as it guarantees the products’ high capacity operations without complications.

    Key Products:

    • Fish gutting and eviscerating
    • Skinning
    • Filleting
    • Fish smoking

      3. Martak Ltd.

      Martak Logo
      Martak Logo

      Image Source: Martak Ltd.

      Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
      Headquarters: Hafnargata 21, 240. Grindavik, Iceland
      Years of Experience: 36 years
      Certifications: CE

      Martak is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of equipment that focuses mainly on fish and shrimp processes. Emerged in Iceland as a pioneer of providing a wide range of solutions and processing equipment for shrimp, Martak expanded to a fish processing equipment supplier when it opened its headquarters in Canada.

      With industrial companies affiliated with Martak, it was able to establish distributor agreements in several countries in Europe and in North America. As the company continues to work with small and large companies, its concern and customer care is proven beyond measures.

      Key Products:

      • Gutting lines
      • Infeed tanks
      • Glazing conveyors
      • Desalting conveyors

        4. Optimar AS.

        Optimar Logo
        Optimar Logo

        Image Source: Optimar

        Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
        Headquarters: Valderoyvegen 1129, 6050 Valderoya, Norway
        Years of Experience: 107 years
        Certifications: CE

        Optimar is the name for the leading automated fish processors for aquaculture, onboard, and onshore. With the pride of being a Norwegian innovator and producer of Norway’s main needs for food processing, Optimar continues to find ways to be ahead of development.

        While the company is known as a well-founded gem inside the walls, Optimar’s values to provide service with transparency and responsibility paves the way for its deserved success as a supplier of fish processing equipment in the market. 

        Key Products:

        Topmost Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer and Supplier in China

        As we finish sharing with you the 4 biggest names of fish processing equipment suppliers around the world, it is a pleasure to share with you China’s best food processing equipment manufacturing company, Ginhong Mixer.

        Ginhong Mixer

        Ginhong Logo
        Ginhong Logo

        Image Source: Ginhong Mixer

        Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
        Headquarters: 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
        Main Market: Global
        Years of Experience: 16 years
        Certifications: CE

        Ginhong is a leading manufacturer of food processing machinery and China’s leading seller of commercial mixers and blenders. This company’s well-established reputation for quality control and customer service aided in its international recognition in the field of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

        Through years of quality service and production, Ginhong Mixer has long held the knowledge of the importance of honesty and friendship in a business. The company never ceased to put up with its clients’ requests and concerns for it understands that none would succeed in the industry if only a party benefits from it.

        Key Products:

        • Vacuum emulsifier homogenizers
        • Mixing tanks and vessels
        • High shear mixers
        • Multi-shaft mixers


          It is a nature of consumer to want and buy only the best goods, freshest if we are to pertain to fish products. As a business, it is your choice of equipment manufacturer that will equal the value of your goods. Selecting the best partner to start your business, should be your first priority.

          Some of the biggest names of fish processing equipment suppliers are mentioned above. But it is a pleasure to introduce a name that would be the best choice for industrial mixers and blenders. High-grade, R&D designed, skilled engineers produce? Come and visit Ginhong Mixer today and get your free quote!

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