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Top 3 Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the US

If you are looking for food processing equipment manufacturers in the United States for your business, we provided a list of 3 reputable manufacturers that could help you pick out the best choice!

Ginhong RS Simplified Series Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer
Ginhong RS Simplified Series Vacuum Emulsifying Mixer

Image Source: Ginhong Mixer

As countries and cultures find a sense of innovation, food production is made easy with food processing equipment. Mass production of newly, or even long discovered food products to import and export is possible if you possess high-grade machines such as industrial food blenders as your partner.

Food processing equipment manufacturers should suffice the standards you set for your clients to assure that every equipment is worth your money. Having a share in the food industry must start with having reliable machines to produce sustainability of the products that you will sell in the market.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best manufacturers in the US with all the important aspects considered. Check them out below.

List of the Certified Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the US

The company names listed below are those that meet our qualifications when we researched their information. You may click on their names to be directed to their sections.

  1. Schenck Process
  2. Urschel Laboratories
  3. DCI, Inc.

Certified Food Processing Equipment Manufacturers in the United States

Quality, manufacturing capacity, and relevance of the offered products in the food processing industry are the main factors we have considered to find among these companies. These points are put into consideration to make sure that we only included the best options for you to choose from.

1. Schenck Process Holding GmbH

Schenck Process Logo
Schenck Process Logo

Image Source: Schenck Process

Business Type: Manufacturer, Distributor
Headquarters: 810 S. Old 75 Hwy Sabetha, Kansas City, 66534
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 140 years
Certifications: NTEP, ISO 45001, ISO 9001, ATEX-Directive, IECEx

Schenck Process, formally known as The Schenck Process Holding GmbH, is one of the leading, longest-running food processing equipment manufacturers in the US. Living up to its four key areas in the manufacturing industry, Schenck Process transforms the customers’ needs to a product, gains edge in innovation, delivers great efficiency in service, and nurtures talent of its workforce. 

This company specializes in weighing, air filtration, and thermal processing equipment as they work with brands that are fixated with various industries including food. With over 530 patents and 21 locations all over the globe, Schenck Process remains onpath to deliver whenever and wherever they are needed.

Key Products:

  • Thermal processors
  • Sifters
  • Mills and grinders
  • Shapers and sandwichers
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2. Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

Urschel Laboratories Logo
Urschel Laboratories Logo

Image Source: Urschel Laboratories, Inc.

Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
Headquarters: 1200 Cutting Edge Drive, Chesterton, IN 46304 USA
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: 112 years
Certifications: USDOT

Urschel Laboratories has got your back if you are particularly looking for a company that best manufactures food cutters. Named as the leading food cutting machines manufacturer, Urschel Laboratories continues to expand its market around the globe for over a hundred years in the food cutting industry.

It is common knowledge in the US that goods produced by Urschel are an everyday purchase. The company’s 100 year history has made them accustomed with continuous development to come up with and produce different cutting methods to introduce in the market. 

Key Products:

  • Dicers
  • Shredders
  • Granulators
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3. DCI, Inc.

DCI Logo
DCI Logo

Image Source: DCI, Inc.

Business Type: Manufacturer, Supplier
Headquarters: 600 North 54th Avenue St. Cloud Minnesota 56303
Main Markets: Global
Years of Experience: more than 65 years
Certifications: ISO 9001

DCI, Inc. is a market-leading manufacturer of integrated systems, agitators, and storage vessels for a range of industries. For over 65 years, DCI has greatly gone through every project, finding ways to improve its innovation systems and carry out its vision. It is to guarantee the reliability of its products that are handed to each of its clients.  

Each line and team in the company plays a specialized role as all these employees have their own expertise in research and development, drafting, engineering, and delivery of the products. DCI produces equipment to its clients exact requirements using the most advanced technologies available together with the best precision manufacturing tools.

Key Products:

  • Fermenters and bioreactors
  • Dynamixer processors
  • Skidded integrated systems
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The Best Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer in China

This section will feature the most favorite and trusted producer of food processing equipment in China after the list of the certified manufacturers of such equipment in the United States. This company specializes at giving the same exceptional quality for each of its items while offering a wide range of machines.

Ginhong Mixer

Ginhong Logo
Ginhong Logo

Image Source: Ginhong Mixer

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
Headquarters: 369 Shenhua Avenue, Jinhu 211600, Jiangsu, China
Main Market: Global
Years of Experience: 16 years
Certifications: CE, ECM

Ginhong Mixer is one of the top manufacturers of food processing machinery and the best seller of commercial mixers and blenders in China. This company’s well-established reputation for quality control, customer service, and manufacturing capacity helped it become well-known internationally in the industries of food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

By taking into account their clients’ concerns and wants, Ginhong also guarantees that their work is not simply juist business. It is doing its best to collaborate in order to provide you with the precise equipment you need. Because this company values not only its name, but the relationships that are being established with every transaction. Customer care? Guaranteed, Ginhong has lots of it.

Key Products:

  • Vacuum emulsifier homogenizers
  • Mixing tanks and vessels
  • High shear mixers
  • Multi-shaft mixers
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Whether you are a starting business or an existing one, capturing a spot in the food industry is a critical situation until your name and production has met stability. For this reason, having the highest quality food processing equipment will technically help you secure a name in the market: marketing is a factor, but quality is another.

We have listed the said best food processing equipment manufacturers in the United States, and we want the best for you! With the complex line of food production, Ginhong Mixer would be one of the best partners with its industrial blenders and mixers. Contact Ginhong Mixer today for your inquiries and get a free quote!

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