5 Leading High-Shear Mixer Manufacturers in the USA

Invest in a superior mixing system with one of these leading high-shear mixer manufacturers in the USA. Quality craftsmanship and advanced engineering offer the performance you can depend on.

ZX inline high shear pump
ZX inline high shear pump

Image Source: Ginhong Website

When it comes to industrial mixing operations, a high-shear mixer is an essential piece of equipment. High-shear mixers offer unparalleled reliability, efficiency, and safety for various applications. The United States tops in the best locations for top high-shear mixer manufacturers in the world.

In this blog, we’ll highlight five leading high-shear mixer manufacturers in the USA that produce quality products at competitive prices. Each manufacturer provides a range of machines with different capacities, features and price points to meet the needs of any job. Read on to learn more about these leading suppliers and discover which one is right for your business.

List of High-Shear Mixer Manufacturers in the USA

Here are the five best high-shear mixer manufacturers in the United States:

  • Ross Mixers
  • Silverson
  • Lee Industries
  • MixMor
  • Franklin Miller Inc.

Leading High-Shear Mixer Manufacturers in the USA

Find the best American companies that make vacuum tanks that fit your needs. The companies on our list have the best products and the best customer service.

1. Ross Mixers

Ross Mixers Company Logo
Ross Mixers Company Logo

Image Source: Inkworld Magazine

Business Type: Manufacturing Company
Headquarters: Old Willets Path, Hauppauge, New York
Years of Experience: 181 years
ROSS High Shear Mixers are a leading provider of mixing technology, offering innovative solutions for various industries, including pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, ink, adhesives, chemicals, and coatings. Their equipment is the preferred choice for mixing, blending, and dispersion in virtually every industrialized nation, thanks to its exceptional engineering, construction, and fast delivery times.
With a reputation for quality and customer satisfaction, ROSS works closely with its clients to understand their unique requirements and provide tailored solutions. Their range of mixing equipment and services is designed to cater various industries with its needs, from small laboratory mixers to large-scale production systems. Each product leaving their facility is built to the highest standards of quality and reliability.
ROSS High Shear Mixers have revolutionized mixing technology and processing efficiency across several industries. Their world-class reputation for innovative engineering, superb construction, and fast delivery has made them the preferred choice for mixing, blending, and dispersion in virtually every industrialized nation. With a commitment to dependability, quality and customer satisfaction, ROSS works closely with its clients to offer custom solutions that meet their unique requirements.

Key Products/Services

    2. Silverson

    Silverson Company Logo
    Silverson Company Logo

    Image Source: Silverson Website

    Business Type: Manufacturing and Supply Company
    Headquarters: Chestnut St. , East Longmeadow, MA 01028
    Years of Experience: 70 years
    The Silverson Laboratory Mixer, one of the company’s most impressive items, can mix, emulsify, homogenize, disintegrate, and dissolve. The Silverson Laboratory Mixer has a capacity of 1ml to 12 liters and can mix in-line with flow rates up to 20 liters/minute, ensuring reproducibility when growing up. Silverson’s 70 years of practical experience and expertise allow them to correctly predict the performance of their production-scale mixers based on laboratory trials, ensuring their clients’ success in scaling up from the lab or pilot plant to full production.
    Silverson Machines designs and manufactures high-shear mixers, Powder/Liquid Mixers, Sanitary Mixers, and disintegrators/Dissolvers. Their Silverson Laboratory Mixers are efficient and versatile, and their cutting-edge technology is used across sectors. Silverson helps clients scale up from lab or pilot plant to full production with decades of expertise.

    Key Products/Services

    • High Shear In-Line Mixers
    • In-Line Ultra Sanitary Mixers
    • High Viscosity In-Line Mixers
    • Verso Laboratory In-Line Mixers
    • Disintegrator
    • Bottom Entry Mixers
    • Sanitary

      3. Lee Industries

      Lee Industries Logo
      Lee Industries Logo

      Image Source: Fluid Handling Pro

      Business Type: Manufacturer
      Headquarters: Philipsburg, PA 16866
      Years of Experience: 96 years
      Certifications: ASME, ISO
      Lee Industries is a highly experienced manufacturer and designer of stainless steel processing vessels and systems. Their products include tanks, kettles, agitators, mixers, valves, and clean-in-place spray ball systems. Lee Industries provides comprehensive services, including electropolishing, passivation, special finishes, prevalidation documentation packages, and installation, cleaning, and maintenance services, all of which comply with ASME standards.
      Lee Industries’ team of experienced engineers is focused on processing perfection, and they are committed to ensuring that their customers are satisfied and fulfilled with the services and products. They offer decades of innovation and experience to get the job done right and work tirelessly to provide exacting precision in every batch. With over 90 years of experience in the industry, Lee Industries is the go-to solution for all your processing needs.

      Key Products/Services

        4. MixMor

        Mixmor Mixers Logo
        Mixmor Mixers Logo

        Image Source: Anderson Process

        Business Type: Manufacturer
        Headquarters: Casitas Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90039
        Years of Experience: 50 years
        MixMor is a renowned manufacturer of high-quality industrial mixers and agitators with over 50 years of experience. Their products are designed and engineered to work effectively and efficiently for a longer period of time without failure. The company offers a complete line of mixers, including Laboratory, Portable Clamp-on, Fixed Mount Top Entering, Side Entering, and Turbine Mixers, with power ranging from 1/20 to 150 hp.
        The company’s mixers are designed with materials ranging from carbon steel to any machinable alloy, and all impeller types, including high-efficiency foils and custom designs. MixMor began as a small manufacturer of high-speed dispersers and mills in the paint industry and has since grown to become a leading designer and manufacturer of industrial mixers and agitators.

        Key Products/Services

          5. Franklin Miller Inc.

          Franklin Miller Logo
          Franklin Miller Logo

          Image Source: Franklin Miller website

          Business Type: Exporter and Manufacturer
          Headquarters: 60 Okner Pkwy,Livingston, NJ
          Years of Experience: 100 years
          Franklin Miller Inc. has pioneered dimension reduction technology for more than 95 years. They provide a wide selection of processors for various commercial uses, such as processing chemicals, medicines, foods, minerals, and wastewater. The company has been able to resolve numerous challenging process issues thanks to its experience in both liquid or pressure seal systems and the processing of dry solids.
          Franklin Miller’s processes are renowned for their strong design and exceptional powers. They go through stringent inspection and testing procedures and are constructed to exact standards. Customers can evaluate their materials at the company’s test lab. Franklin Miller specialises in offering stock and customised machinery, as well as completely integrated systems, and matching tried-and-true solutions to particular process problems. Franklin Miller Inc. is dedicated to offering its clients high-quality processors and solutions emphasizing customer satisfaction.

          Key Products/Services

            Basic Checks after Purchasing a High-Shear Mixer

            Woman with hard hat and checklist
            Woman with hard hat and checklist

            Image Source: Raw Pixel

            Visual Inspection

            After purchasing a high-shear mixer, the first thing you should do is conduct a visual inspection. This involves examining all the components of the mixer to ensure that they are present, properly installed, and free from damage. Specifically, you should check the blades to ensure they are properly attached and in good condition.
            You should also examine the shafts and bearings to ensure that they are properly aligned and that there is no excess wear or damage. Finally, you should check the motor and control panel to ensure that they are properly installed and that there are no visible signs of damage or wear.

            Electrical Connections

            Once you have conducted a visual inspection, you should check all the electrical connections to ensure that they are properly installed and secure. This includes checking the wiring to ensure that it is properly routed and that there are no loose connections. You should also verify that the mixer is properly grounded and that the voltage and frequency are compatible with the power source. This will ensure that the mixer is safe to operate and that it will not cause any electrical problems.

            Safety Feature

            High-shear mixers can be dangerous if not operated properly. Therefore, verifying that all safety features are present and properly functioning is important. This includes checking the emergency shut-off switch, the overload protection device, and any other safety features that may be present. Properly functioning safety features will ensure that the mixer is safe to operate and will not cause any harm or injury to the operator.

            Operational Test

            Finally, to ensure that the mixer is working properly, a test should be conducted on it. This test involves running the mixer with water or an appropriate other fluid to ensure that the mixing speed, torque, and other required parameters are according to the manufacturer’s specifications.
            During this test, careful attention should be given to loud noises, vibrations, or other signs of potential malfunction that may not have been noticed during installation. This operational test confirms that the mixer is functioning at an optimal level.

            Reputable High-Shear Mixer Manufacturer in China

            There are a number of reliable High-Shear Mixer manufacturers in the United States, but there are also a lot of top producers in China. These companies sell high-quality vacuum bags that work well in a variety of settings.
            These businesses have become leaders in their fields thanks to their many years of experience, their cutting-edge manufacturing facilities, and their commitment to meeting customer needs.


            Ginhong Company Logo
            Ginhong Company Logo

            Image Source: Ginhong Website

            Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
            Headquarters: Jiangsu, China
            Main Markets: Global
            Years founded: 2002
            Certificates/Awards: CE certificate
            Ginhong Mixer is one of China’s top high shear mixer manufacturers, with over 15 years of experience. Ginhong Mixer, which began with industrial mixers and blenders, has evolved into a one-stop shop for all industrial machinery requirements, including vacuum emulsifier homogenizers, planetary mixers, and laboratory mixers. With an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction, they service a wide range of industries, including food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and chemicals.
            Ginhong Mixer’s commitment to providing premium goods and services that meet current and future demands has established it as an industry trusted and dependable brand. They provide unbeatable prices and go above and beyond to ensure customer satisfaction, forming long-term partnerships with their customers. Ginhong Mixer is the undisputed leader in stainless steel mixing tanks, with vast knowledge, expertise, and an unwavering commitment to clients.

            Key Products/Services

            • High Sheer mixers
            • Multi-Shaft MIxers
            • Planetary Mixers
            • CG Closed Storage Tank
            • CG Vacuum Storage Tank


              Choosing the right high-shear mixer manufacturer is essential for success in many industries. With various mixers, finding the one that fits your needs cannot be easy. After researching the leading high-shear mixer manufacturers in the USA, it is clear that many offer quality products that can help you easily get your job done.
              Each company offers its signature machines and technology to ensure you have the correct product for your needs. So don’t wait any longer; research your options today and find the ideal mixer for your application.
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