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Top-notch High-Speed Mixer Manufacturers in India

Looking for a High-speed mixer manufacturer in India? Here is an exhaustive list of reliable mixers from renowned manufacturers nationwide.

RS vacuum emulsifying mixer
RS vacuum emulsifying mixer

Image Source: Ginhong Website

As India is one of the leading industrialized countries, the demand for top-notch high-speed mixer manufacturers in India has increased. With an ever-growing number of clients, these mixers have become essential commodities in many industries, like food and beverages, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, paints, coatings, etc., to ensure top-quality products with consistent blends of ingredients.
In this article, we’ll look at some of India’s best high-speed mixer manufacturers who offer high-quality machines at competitive prices. These companies are known for their performance and efficiency when it comes to producing a perfect blend of ingredients quickly and effectively

List of High-Speed Mixer Manufacturers in India

  • Primetech
  • Dynamic Enterprises
  • Noble Procetech Engineers
  • Mastech
  • Prakash Industries

Checklists When Partnering with a High-Speed Mixer Manufacturer

RS simplified vacuum emulsion mixer
RS simplified vacuum emulsion mixer

Image Source: Ginhong

Here are four essential points to consider when partnering with a high-speed mixer manufacturer in India:

Quality Control Measures

Working with a high-speed mixer manufacturer with established quality control measures is essential. The manufacturer should have a quality control team that ensures every product meets specific standards. The manufacturer should also have a quality control process that involves testing each mixer before delivery to ensure its performance meets your needs.


A reliable high-speed mixer manufacturer should be willing to customize their mixers to meet your unique requirements. They should be able to provide customization options in terms of mixing speed, size, and shape of the mixer, among other factors, to cater to your specific needs.

After-Sales Support

Partnering with a high-speed mixer manufacturer that provides after-sales support is crucial. The manufacturer should offer maintenance and repair services, spare parts, and technical assistance whenever required.

Industry Experience

Working with a high-speed mixer manufacturer with extensive industry experience is advisable. The manufacturer should have a portfolio of successful projects and satisfied clients. A company with experience is more likely to understand the industry’s demands better and provide the necessary expertise to fulfill your needs.
Partnering with a high-speed mixer manufacturer that has established quality control measures, provides customization options, offers after-sales support, and has industry experience, can ensure a successful partnership and provide you with a high-speed mixer that meets your specific requirements.

Best High-Speed Mixer Manufacturers in India

Find the top Indian manufacturers of High-Speed Mixers that meet your requirements. The companies on our list offer the highest quality products and customer service.

1. Primetech

Primetech Indsutry Logo
Primetech Indsutry Logo

Image Source: Facebook

Business Type: Manufacturing Company
Headquarters: Ahmedabad, Gurajat, India
Years of Experience: 32 years
Certifications: ISO 9001:2015
Primetech is a well-known industrial mixing and blending equipment manufacturer with a strong dedication to creating world-class high-speed mixers that meet the highest homogenization standards. The prestigious ISO 9001:2005 certification has been granted to the business, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to quality and continuous improvement.
The company’s product line contains a broad range of bulk material machinery, including the mixing solid, liquid, and pastry components. These machines are intended to satisfy various industries’ specific requirements, such as food and beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, and chemical.
Variable frequency drives, high-tech control panels, and precision mixing tools are among the sophisticated features and technologies found in Primtech’s high-speed mixers. These features guarantee that the mixers produce consistent and homogeneous mixing results, improving the final product’s quality.
Quality is also reflected in the company’s after-sales service, which includes installation, commissioning, and teaching customers about their mixers’ proper use and upkeep. Furthermore, the business provides its customers with timely and efficient technical support, ensuring their machines work optimally throughout their lifespan.

Key Products/Services

  • Mixers
  • Pulverizers
  • Granulators
  • Material Conveying and Automation
  • Gyro Vibrating Screen

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2. Dynamic Enterprises

Dynamic Enterprise Logo
Dynamic Enterprise Logo

Image Source: Dynamic Enterprise Website

Business Type: Manufacturing and Supply Company
Headquarters: Goregaon West, Mumbai, India
Years of Experience: 35 years
Certification: ISO 9001:205
Dynamic Enterprises is a prominent Indian company that has been providing technical advisory design services for machinery and designing and developing machines since its establishment in 1988. The company is based in Mumbai, Maharashtra and specializes in manufacturing and supplying European/American standard process machinery, including pharmaceutical, chemical, cosmetic, pesticide, paint, food machinery, and spares.
Dynamic Enterprises’ machines are renowned throughout India and abroad for their high-quality engineering and innovative solutions that increase productivity. In addition to delivering products, the company offers equipment selection, turnkey project execution, installation, and after-sales services. The company’s commitment to providing excellent service has earned it a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy machinery provider.

Key Products/Services

  • Filling Machine
  • Sealing Machine
  • Capping Machines
  • Paste Filling
  • Liquid Filling Machines
  • Mixing Machine

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3. Noble Procetech Engineers

Noble Procetech Engineers Logo
Noble Procetech Engineers Logo

Image Source: Noble Procetech Engineers Website

Business Type: Manufacturer and Exporter
Headquarters: Maharashtra, India
Years of Experience: 16 years
Certifications: SSI Registration number : 270201105678
Noble Procetech Engineers, founded by CEO Mr. Dipak Bargat in 2007, has grown to become India’s largest manufacturer and exporter of process equipment. The company is driven by a passion for quality, excellence, and customer satisfaction.
With state-of-the-art technology and a team of over 50 highly skilled professionals, including some of the most knowledgeable and experienced individuals in the industry, Noble Procetech Engineers is dedicated to delivering high-quality products and services to their clients. The company has a proven track record of repeat orders from most of its clients, demonstrating its commitment to delivering quality products and services.
Noble Procetech Engineers is committed to providing top-quality composite equipment to its existing clientele while simultaneously developing new ones. The company’s focus on delivering high-quality products on time has earned it a reputation as a reliable and trustworthy partner in the process equipment industry.

Key Products/Services

  • High-Speed Mixer
  • Dosing system
  • Pressure Relief Valves
  • High-pressure Injection Pump

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4. Mastech Machinery

Mastech Machinery Logo
Mastech Machinery Logo

Image Source: Mastech Machinery Website

Business Type: Manufacturing, Exporting and Supply
Headquarters: Bakrol Bujrang, Ahmedabad, Gujarat
Years of Experience: 12 years
Mastech Machinery is a well-known manufacturer, exporter, and supplier of high-quality Tablet Press Accessories Granulation Equipment. The company was established in 2011 and has earned a great reputation in the industry. They offer an extensive range of products, including a Lab Press, Single Side Rotary Tableting Machine, Dies Punches, and Dies Punches Polishing Kit.
Mastech Machinery uses only the best quality materials sourced from trusted and reliable vendors in the market. Clients highly appreciate the products’ fine finish, dimensional accuracy, lightweight, rugged construction, corrosion abrasion resistance, and longer service life.
Mastech Machinery owes its success to the excellent vision of its mentor, Mr. Jigna Trivedi. With his guidance, the company has created a niche for itself in the market and has been able to aim for higher goals and achievements. Clients appreciate the products’ robust construction, user-friendly nature, and durability.

Key Products/Services

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5. Prakash Industries

Prakas Industries Logo
Prakas Industries Logo

Image Source: Twitter

Business Type: Exporter and Manufacturer
Headquarters: Palghar, Thane, Maharashtra
Years of Experience: 43 years
Prakash Industries Limited, which was established in 1980, has become one of the largest diversified companies in India. The company is engaged in mining, steel, and power operations.
The integrated steel plant of Prakash Industries Limited is situated in Chhattisgarh, India. The plant produces a wide range of finished and semi-finished iron and steel products, including sponge iron, high-speed mixers, MS billets, ferro alloys, wire rods, HB wires, and TMT bars. The steelmaking process is backed by waste heat co-generation and captive power plants fueled by coal.
In addition, the company is operating a 5 MW wind farm at India’s first and largest wind power site located in Tamil Nadu.

Key Products/Services

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High-Speed Mixer Manufacturer in China

As a high-speed mixer manufacturer, Ginhong Mixer has earned a reputation as a reliable and high-quality supplier of mixing equipment, alongside other manufacturers in China and India. In terms of product offerings, Ginhong Mixer provides a wide range of mixers suitable for various industrial applications, including the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, and chemical industries.


Ginhong Company Logo
Ginhong Company Logo

Image Source: Ginhong Website

Business Type: Manufacturer and Supplier
Headquarters: Jiangsu, China
Main Markets: Global
Years founded: 2002
Certificates/Awards: CE certificate
Ginhong Mixer is a highly regarded high-shear mixer manufacturer with more than 15 years of experience located in China. The company began by focusing on producing industrial mixers and blenders but has since expanded its product line to include a wide range of industrial machineries, such as vacuum emulsifier homogenizers, planetary mixers, and laboratory mixers.
Ginhong Mixer stands out from its competitors because it is always committed to giving its clients high-quality goods and services that meet their current and future needs. This makes it a leader in the industry. The company makes products for the food, cosmetics, pharmaceutical, and chemical businesses, among others.
At Ginhong Mixer, customer satisfaction is a top priority, so the company prioritizes delivering the best stainless steel tanks at competitive prices. Additionally, the company’s vast knowledge, expertise, and unwavering dedication to its clients have earned it a reputation as a dependable and trustworthy brand.

Key Products/Services

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Some of the best makers of high-speed mixers are found in India. These businesses produce mixers of the highest caliber that are reliable, durable, and economical to operate. The mixers from these manufacturers are ideal for both commercial and residential use as well as industrial uses.
These companies provide a wide selection of models, offering customers a wide range of options to select from depending on their needs. Therefore, it is crucial to conduct thorough study to identify the best high-speed mixer manufacturer in India that satisfies your requirements.
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